Hunger Games Tour Options

Pura Vida Adventures is excited to be offering Hunger Games Tours this year due to the high demand and request from our past clients.
“The reason we are getting such a high demand for Hunger Games Tours is two fold explains,” Joe Moerschbaecher, owner of Pura Vida Adventures. “We have been running similar tours to the Hunger Games Tours for over 6 years and our survival courses which have been very popular even before the Hunger Games existed are becoming more popular because fans are realizing many of the skills we teach in these courses are the same as those important for survival in the movie.”
Pura Vida adventures has designed two seperate tours specifically for Hunger Games fans. The first visits the areas of Dupont State Forest where Hunger Games was filmed this tour will also provide you with details on what went on in the forest last summer when Hunger Games was being filmed.
The half day Dupont Hunger Games tour is $75 a person and lasts 3-4 hours
The full day Dupont Hunger Games tour is $100 a person and last 6 hours.
Pura Vida Adventures is also offering Hunger Games Survival Schools. ($150 a person 7-8 hours in length).


Learn from your experienced survival guide, Joe Moerschbaecher as he teaches you the survival skills necessary to survive the Hunger Games.  This tour focuses primarily on the nonviolent survival skills including fire and shelter building, knot tying, snares, off trail travel, and navigation.  After the skills are taught tributes will be paired in groups of two and practice the skills on their own and be evaluated for their power rankings in these survival areas.
Pura Vida Adventures approach is a sustainable one we will limit all tours and survival classes to 12 ppl in order to minimize our impact on the environment as well as provide ample attention to our tributes during survival skills classes and Dupont Hunger Games Tours.  In addition tributes will be required to hike easy to moderate trails to access the areas where the Hunger Games were filmed and the best areas where survival skills can be taught.
Tours available any day of the week, reservations are strongly recommended call 772-579-0005 or email for more details or book a trip.