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Yes, scenes from the Hunger Games were shot right here in Brevard, NC at DuPont State Recreational Forest!Let us take you on an adventure to explore the waterfalls, hills, and hideouts filmed on location in the mountain heart of NC.

Pura Vida Adventures is excited to be offering Hunger Games Tours once again due to the high demand.

“The reason we are getting such a high demand for Hunger Games Tours is two fold explains,” Joe Moerschbaecher, owner of Pura Vida Adventures. “We have been running similar tours to the Hunger Games Tours for over 6 years and our survival courses which have been very popular even before the Hunger Games existed are becoming more popular because fans are realizing many of the skills we teach in these courses are the same as those important for survival in the movie.”
Pura Vida adventures has designed two seperate tours specifically for Hunger Games fans. The first trip visits the areas of Dupont State Forest where Hunger Games was filmed. This tour provides participants with a behind the scenes look at the forest and natural surroundings that provided the setting for the Hunger Games.

Discover Canyoneering the Games!

This trip includes rock climbing and rappelling on ropes as well as boulder hopping and swimming. All equipment provided.

This trip does not include actual areas where scenes from the Hunger Games were filmed.

3-4 hours based upon group size.
Price $200 for the first 2ppl people in your group $50 each additional person in your group.
This trip is for younger tributes best for families with kids between 6-12.

Explore Canyoneering the Games

also known as Cove Creek Canyon

This is our full day beginner canyoneering the Games Experience. Tributes age (12 and up) should be in good physical shape and be comfortable hiking on rocks at a leisurely pace, hiking up hills with rooty trails at a leisurely pace, capable of easily climbing leaning adjustable ladders and long stairs (5 flights) is a good indicator you are capable of doing this trip. Tributes of this program need no prior climbing or rappelling experience. This program includes a 75 ft waterfall rappel as well as swimming and rock scrambling. Some of the travel takes place in the waterways negotiating boulders, while other parts of it take place on trails that parrallel the waterway. This trip also includes travel through water that is waist deep.
Canyoneering occurs in remote areas and climbing on small wet boulders is part of the experience.
This trip does not include actual areas where scenes from the Hunger Games was filmed
half day program (3 – 4 hours) trip length varies based on number of participants
Costs: $125 per person minimum of 2ppl
easy to moderate

Dupont Hunger Games Tours

Learn from your experienced survival guide, Joe Moerschbaecher as he teaches you the survival skills necessary to survive the Hunger Games. This tour focuses primarily on the non-violent survival skills including fire and shelter building, knot tying, snares, off trail travel, and navigation. After the skills are taught, tributes will be paired in groups of two to practice the skills on their own, and be evaluated for their power rankings in these survival areas. During this school, tributes will visit two areas where major filming was done.
$75 a person and lasts 3-4 hours. It includes visits to and insight regarding 2 major areas where filming took place, as well as visiting 3 major waterfalls and one secret hideout in Dupont
$100 a person and lasts 6 hours. It includes visits to and insight regarding 5 major areas where filming took place as well as visiting 4 major waterfalls and two incredible secret hideout in Dupont.
$150 a person 7-8 hours in length

Sustainable Tours

Pura Vida Adventures is committed to the long term sustainability of the natural ecosystems included in our tours and workshops. In order to provide for a low impact, high quality experience, tours and survival classes are limited to 12 ppl. This allows us to minimize our impact on the environment as well as provide ample attention to our tributes during survival skills classes and Dupont Hunger Games Tours. In addition, tributes should be prepared to hike easy to moderate trails in order to access areas where the Hunger Games were filmed and the ideal areas where survival skills are taught.
Tours are available seven days a week. Reservations are strongly recommended.
Experience the Games grounds first hand with “Pure Vida Adventures”
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