Art Loeb Trail Shuttles

Pura Vida Adventures offers Art Loeb Trail Shuttles, Guided day hikes of the Art Loeb trail, and multi day backpacking and slackpacking trips of the Art Loeb Trail.

Art loeb shuttle

Est. in 2006 we are the oldest Art Loeb shuttle service, unlike many other shuttle services we are permitted through the USFS.

Don’t risk having your shuttle cancelled go with us a permitted and time tested company!

Art Loeb Trail Shuttles

Art Loeb trail  shuttles are running now! Art Loeb Trail . Shuttles can be booked online

Southbound Hikers want the Art Loeb shuttle (7am,  typically 3 or sometimes 4pm), Northbound hikers want the Camp Daniel Boone pickup (8:15am, typically 4:15 or sometimes 5:15pm). Inquire about private shuttle options if these times do not work for you.  We highly recommend you book your shuttle at the front end of your trip as our shuttles can not wait if you do not arrive on time.

South Bound Hikers: Art Loeb Trail Shuttle
We meet at Hub Bike shop(11 mama’s place Pisgah Forest, NC) (once we gather here we will caravan about 1.5 miles to the trailhead, This ensures cell phone communication by meeting at hub)

Once we gather at 11 Mama’s Place we will caravan to the trailhead and drop off your vehicles, this ensures cell phone communication) If for some reason you need to be picked up at Davidson River trailhead this request can be accommodated if you contact us via email or text. (please include your booking number and request a pick up at Davidson River trailhead. We will then provide further instructions on the specific meeting location).

North Bound hikers: Camp Daniel Boone pickup

This shuttle pickup at the Camp Daniel Boone trail head of the Art Loeb trail. Participants should meet your shuttle driver there and be packed and ready to leave upon his arrival. The shuttle arrives typically 15- 30 minutes after the hour your shuttle is booked for.


1 person – $145 (Cash option available $120, Call or text 772-579-0005 for this option, you will be required to place a small deposit)
Group of 2 – $160(Cash option available $150, Call or text 772-579-0005 for this option, you will be required to place a small deposit)
Group of 3 or more- $60 a person

Dogs are allowed on the shuttle if they are friendly however they are charged like people.
(Ex.If you have 2 ppl and 1 dog you would need to book for 3ppl)

The 31 mile Art Loeb Trail is one of the most popular weekend backpacking trails in the Asheville area. The trail begins at Camp Daniel Boone and travels through the High Balsams of the Shining Rock Wilderness Area and drops into the forest covered lands along the last two thirds of the trip ending at Davidson River Campground. The Art Loeb has been described as the highlights of the Appalachian Trail compressed into 31 miles. Some of the highlights along the trail include Shining Rock Ridge, Tennet Mountain, Black Balsam Mountain, Pilot Mountain, and the rock face of Cedar rock.

The most popular hike is from North to South because it provides a little less elevation gain and provides for easy alternative exits if the trail or weather makes it difficult for hikers. Many backpackers with only a weekend who find the 31 miles a bit daunting will either hike the northern section from Camp Daniel Boone to the Blue Ridge Parkway (approximately 14miles, shuttle cost $175) or the southern end the Blue Ridge Parkway to Davidson River Campground (approximately 20 miles, shuttle cost $130). It is important for backpackers hiking in the North Carolina area to understand their limits based on the elevation demands along the trip. Learn more about us.
Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the Art Loeb Trail Shuttles.

Art Loeb Trail Shuttles, Permitted through the US Forest Services, Pisgah Ranger District, We supply transportation to the trail head at Daniel Boone Campground. You leave your car at Davidson River. (Shuttle services can also be provided in the other direction, you would book Camp Daniel Boone Shuttle)

Blue ridge Parkway shuttles $120 for one person, $120 for groups of 2, $50 a person for a group of 3 or more,
There are no refunds of any type for shuttle service.

Pura Vida Adventures offers Art Loeb Trail Shuttles, Guided day hikes of the Art Loeb trail, and multi day backpacking and slackpacking trips of the Art Loeb Trail. Please contact us at 772-579-0005 or

Frequently asked questions about the Art Loeb Trail shuttles …

Water source 1 (WS1) Just before deep gap 1 where the trail makes its southern bend on the ridgeline, (WS2)after passing black balsam there is a short spur from the art loeb that takes you to the black balsam parking area. from there head north on Ivestor Gap trail for about 200m and you will see a spring on your right, (WS3) Deep Gap Shelter, (WS4)Butter Gap Shelter. ALL THESE WATER SOURCES WILL BE IN OPPOSITE ORDER IF YOU ARE HIKING NORTH TO SOUTH.
This is completely up to you, either a water pump or chemical tablets will work fine.
NOAA weather website at Mount Pisgah. Is there a rule of thumb as to how much cooler it is at 6,000 feet than in Brevard? Typically 20- 30 degrees.
Gloucaster Gap, Butter Gap Trail to the fish hatchery, Cat Gap Trail to the fish Hatchery, North Slope Connector trail
Be sure to pay attention to your map and compass, specifically on the northern end until you leave the wilderness area as the trail is only vaguely marked in this area. Please note that campfires are not allowed within the wilderness area on the northern end of the trail.
Although the guide book recommends the Art Loeb Trail be hiked from south to north. It is Pura Vida Adventures’ recommendation that the Art Loeb trail be hiked from North to South. The reasons include less elevation gain, better distribution of water sources and campsites, easier access to bail out routes later in the trail, and most difficult navigation will be at the beginning of your hike.
The Art Loeb shuttle takes 1.5 hours one direction. It is a 3 hour drive for your shuttle driver.
We can pick you up from the Asheville airport for an additional $40. If you need to be dropped off at the airport we can accommodate this as well for an additional $40. If your party is greater than 3ppl the airport transportation is an additional $10 a person after 3ppl.

Blue Ridge Shuttles

$120 for one person, $120 for a group of 2ppl, $50 a person for groups of 3 or more