Last spring I was contacted by a movie location scout, they were referred to me because they were looking for an area to shoot a waterfall scene for an upcoming movie.   I hesitantly provided them with some information and advice on area waterfalls that might suite their needs.  They were curious if I would take them out to look at the various locations and I said sure and quoted them my daily guide rate.

I never heard back from this location scout.  A little over a year later the Hunger Games filming is complete and the movie is set to premiere nation wide.  I have been able to confirm based on the scene description provided to me by the location scout that the movie they were filming was the Hunger Games.

Funny enough last summer while doing my normal tours of Dupont State Forest, which I have done for the past 8 years,  we ran across a massive camp of RV’s tables, chairs, and cameras on numerous occassions.  This was all part of the Hunger Games filming.

What is my point to this story?  Well numerous companies are jumping on this Hunger Games bandwagon offering Hunger Games tours and trying to cash in on the locations where this blockbuster was filmed.  The funny thing to me is I have been doing Hunger Games Tours since before Hunger Games the movie even existed. Walking and running around in the woods crawling under waterfalls and swimming in the pools below them is what we do.  In the movie this is what the charcters will do as well.

So when you look to take your Hunger Games Tour this spring or summer come with us we have been doing it longer than anyone else around and our knowledge of the area can be well attested to as those that produced the movie came to us for area advice.

Ask us about our Hunger Games Tours which range in price from $75-$150 a person.