Backpacking Art Loeb trail? shuttles have been provided by Pura Vida Adventures since 2006.  We are the oldest commercial permitted shuttle service on the Art Loeb trail.

Art Loeb Trail shuttles

Art Loeb Trail at Pilot Mountain

You can learn more about our Art Loeb trail shuttles and get frequently asked questions on backpacking the Art Loeb by visiting our Art Loeb shuttle page.

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Backpacking Art Loeb.  Our shuttle service also includes Art Loeb trail information including water sources, camping locations, weather info, current wildlife activity and area closures around the trail.  We also can recommend maps to you and assist with bear kegs, tents, sleeping bags, stoves, and trekking poles.  Not sure you want to tackle the Art Loeb trail alone hire a guide for the first day or duration of your entire trip.

Backpacking the Art Loeb trail is no easy task over the 31 mile trail (trip will feel closer to 35-40 miles) you will cover 11,000 ft. of vertical elevation by hiking south bound and 12,000 ft. if hiking north bound.

Art Loeb trail shuttles are available at 7am and 3pm southbound hikers, 8am and 4pm northbound hikers. Alternative time options are also available on occasion based upon time of year, our schedule, and number of people.  Typically we can easily offer alternative options outside the summer months.

Important Notes about the trail include:

Blue Ridge Parkway is typically closed between mid Nov.- mid March.  You can access or exit the Art Loeb from the Blue Ridge Parkway during the winter months by hiking the Blue Ridge parkway west to Hwy 215.

Cell service is available but spotty along the trail. Typically it is available on the peaks and ridgelines and not available in the valleys.

The best weather details can be found from NOAA at Mt Pisgah.

Happy Trails Backpacking the Art Loeb