The canyoneering season has begun in North Carolina.  So far Pura Vida Adventures has done two 2 day and one 3 day canyoneering instructional program.  In addition we have ran a few Cougar Canyon and Big Bradley Adventure Canyoneering Trips.  Already we are getting many bookings for both Cougar Canyon and Big Bradley Canyon for the month of May.

Here are details on our various Canyoneering Programming:

Beginner Canyoneering Trips:

Cougar Canyon requires no experience or instructional programming prior to participating it includes a 80 ft rappel, which is done twice during the trip. Cost is $150 a person

Big Bradley Explore Canyoneering  requires no experience or instructional programming prior to participating it includes a 15 ft rappel, followed by a 65 ft rappel . The trip also includes a great deal of bouldering rock hopping and swimming through water holes.

Canyoneering North Carolina

Big Bradley


Intermediate/Advanced Canyoneering Trips:

Big Bradley Adventure Canyoneering trip requires a substantial amount of prior experience, or taking a 2 hour rappelling course on the trip date, a climbing and rappelling trip the day before, Cougar Canyon the day before or completion of one of our instrutional programs. The trip includes a 45 ft rappel followed by a $75 ft wet rappel and finally a life line traverse . It then continues with bouldering rock hopping and swimming through water holes. Cost $175, the 2 hour rappelling course is an additional  $50

Full Abner Creek Canyoneering trip includes a great deal of bushwhacking.  The canyon descent includes 4-6 rappels. The longest being about 75 ft.  Cost is $250 a person.




Instructional Programming:

One day rappelling proficiency courses teach you all the rappelling skills you need including rappelling, locking off on rappel, passing a knot on rappel, and awkward start. Cost is $250 for one person or $$150 a person for groups of 2 or more.

Two Day Technical Canyoneering instruction courses cover various basic canyoneering skills on the first day in a dry environment. The second  day includes the Big Bradley adventure canyoneering trip as well as additional instruction during the canyoneering trip on the second day. Cost $350 a person

Three Day Technical canyoneering course is a staple course of the American Canyoneering Academy.  It includes 2 days of dry land technical canyoneering instruction and a third day of instruction while doing the Big Bradley Adventure Canyoneering trip. Cost $450 a person.

Pura Vida Adventures was the first company to run commercial canyoneering courses in the eastern US, in addition canyoneering courses and trips are run by Joe Moerschbaecher who is certified through the American Canyon Guide Assocition. Pura Vida Adventures is the oncly American Canyoneering Academy accredited guide service in the eastern US.