Waterfall Rappelling North Carolina the early years

Pura Vida Adventures is the leader in guided Canyoneering and waterfall rappelling programs in North Carolina.
In 2008 we introduced the first commercially guided canyoneering programming east of the Mississippi.  This trip Big Bradley Canyon went on to get us national attention when it was written up in National Geographic Adventure in 2009. This motivated us to continue our canyoneering and waterfall rappelling exploration and education leading us to become the premier canyoneering guides in the Eastern United States.

Waterfall rappelling North Carolina's Big Bradley Falls

Photo from 2008 National Geographic Adventure Magazine, highlighting Pura Vida Adventures Canyoneering in North Carolina.

Continuing Education and Experience in Canyoneering

Since the early years of waterfall rappelling in North Carolina Pura Vida has continued to improve its programming.
Pura Vida Adventures continues to offer new canyoneering experiences and waterfall rappelling routes. Our company has more commercial canyoneering trips then any other company in North Carolina. Pura Vida is the only canyoneering school accredited by the American Canyoneering Association east of the Mississippi. Pura Vida Adventures’ owner is also a certified guide at the A/B/C level with the American Canyoneering Association. Traveling around the world and honing our canyoneering skills in Argentina, Puerto Rico, Dominica, Costa Rica, the desert southwest, and Italy has provided us with a great deal of additional knowledge and experience.

In 2014 National Geographic experienced Pura Vida Adventures’ Paradise Canyon trip. The trip became National Geographic’s pick for top summer adventure trip in the state of North Carolina .
Our canyoneering instructional courses are another opportunity to gain knowledge and experience an adventure. Courses are available for beginner to advanced levels. Over the last 10 years we have trained hundreds of people. Some who wanted to stay local and pursue waterfall rappelling in North Carolina, while others took their skills elsewhere to explore the canyons of the southwest and beyond.

Upcoming Courses

March 2021 is the next opportunity to take part in an open 2 or 3 day technical canyoneering course. Private courses available at anytime. This course is for people looking to learn the technical skills necessary to pursue waterfall rappelling in North Carolina and beyond.  In addition, to our courses we run canyoneering trips on a daily basis but be sure to book in advance as space is limited. For more details visit our canyoneering page.