Gear Sale: Outdoor guides selling gear


Pura Vida Adventures is cleaning out the shop.  We have extra gear that is lightly used or new that we are looking to get to a new home.  Most items can be picked up at the shop, but we can also ship items to you.  Price for shipping not included.

If you are interested in an item and would like additional information, photos, or purchase information email us at or visit .

Guide Gear

Outdoor guides selling paddling Gear

Wenonah Sundowner Royalex canoe: This 3 person canoe is long, yet sleek and light and very popular for adventure racing and other multisport competitions.    Used  Cost: Cash $900, Credit card  $1,000


NRS Big Sur Riverboard:        New             $75 Cash, $90 Credit

Recreational Kayak Paddles:  Used Cost $20 Cash, $28 credit

NRS Waist Throwbag:  New $50 Cash, $60 Credit

Climbing and Canyoneering Gear (All Climbing and Canyoneering gear is new and in original packaging.)

Bluewater 7mm VT PRUSIK  Cost Cash $22 Credit $25

Beal Zenith Climbing Rope 9.5mm length 70m  Cost Cash $115 Credit $130

Singing Rock Garnet Harness Size L    Cost Cash $40 Credit $45


Five Ten Shoes

All shoes are new and in original shoe boxes.

Canyoneer 3 Sizes M9, M11 New Cost Cash $90 Credit $100

Access Approach shoe Size W5, W8.5, M11 Cash $65 Credit $80

 Gambit Climbing Shoe Size M7.5, M11 Cash $50 Credit $70

Outdoor Backpacking gear


Pergerin Sleeping Bag

Kelty Tent Grand Mesa 2 Lightly Use Cost $75 Cash, $85 Credit

Adventure Medical Kits Thermolite Bivy  New Cost $17 Cash, $20 Credit


Pro Motion Farmer John Cut Triathlon Wetsuit Size M, Slightly Used, Cost $90 Cash $105 Credit