All of the following programs will be offered as open programming. Discounts are available if you book more than one course.
March 10-11th: 2 Day Intro to Rock Climbing Course 

This course is designed to provide you with competence and confidence using basic rock climbing skills. It covers all skills beginning climbers should learn including proper gear and how it should be rigged, belaying and rappelling techniques, knots, prussic knots, and climbing techniques.
The second day goes into natural and artificial anchor building for top rope set up. This program also allows for a sufficient amount of climbing time to gain additional climbing experience. Cost $275 a person, all equipment provided, no prior experience necessary.

March 24th-25th: Beginner Canyoneering Course

This program includes proper rappelling technique, basic knots and their application for canyoneering, ascending techniques, basic rigging systems, canyoneering movement and an adventure canyoneering trip. . Includes both Big Bradley and another canyoneering trip. Cost $350 a person, all equipment provided, no prior experience necessary.
April 13th-15th: Advanced Canyon Rescue Course

This course is for participants with some level of canyoneering knowledge. Participants should be competent in canyon anchor building, canyon rigging, and self rescue skills on vertical rope.

This program includes  haul systems, conversion of static block system to releasable system and haul systems, vertical rescue techniques, knot passing on lowers and hauls, advanced anchor building, and other advanced anchor building skills. Includes both Big Bradley and  another canyoneering Trips. In addition it includes an additional day of practicing canyoneering skills along cliff sides at a dry site. Course $450 a person, prior experience required, some equipment provided.

April 21st-22nd: American Canoe Association Swift water Rescue

Level 4 Swift water Rescue Course

Learn the essentials of River Rescue through our American Canoe Association Certified Swift water Water Rescue Instructors. Level 4 Swift water Rescue Course.

1 Day Course $175 a person, 2 day course $250 a person, prior paddling experience recommended, all equipment provided.

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