Gauntlet Canyon is our newest canyoneering and rappelling  North Carolina adventure.

Gauntlet Canyon is a dry canyon experience which includes hiking on technical trails, a 100 foot rappel, and rock scrambling with rope assistance.  This adventure provides jaw dropping views and is great for beginners who are in good shape.  This program is not recommended for people who do not exercise regularly.

Canyoneeering and Rappelling North carolina

Canyoneering and Rappelling North Carolina

The adventure begins with about a mile hike on easy to moderate terrain.  Upon completing this portion of the hike, we will get participants geared up and provide instruction in rappelling.  After listening to the rappel clinic participants will then practice rappelling before continuing up the trails steeper more technical portion.  The trail climbs steeply requiring participants to be hands free as they pull on trees and rocks to make their way up to the rock scramble.  The rock scramble is an easy 35 ft. rock face that participants will need to climb up using a rope as a hand line for assistance.  Once participants reach the top of the rock, they will be exposed to stunning views before making there way to the 100 ft. rappel.  After the rappel is completed participants will have the opportunity to complete the rock scramble and rappel a second time before starting the deep decent back down the trail.   The question you need to ask yourself is “Am I ready to complete The Gauntlet?”

Difficulty level:  moderate
Length: Full day program (5 – 7 hours) trip length varies based on number of participants
$150 per person minimum of 2ppl (Ages 12 and up)
Pura Vida Adventures is accredited by the American Canyoneering Association.