Pura Vida Adventures offering guided rock climbing in the Asheville and Brevard area for 15 years is excited to announce dates  for our Spring Climbing Camps.


This years 2 day intro to rock climbing instructional camp will not only offer participants  the opportunity for guided rock climbing in the Asheville and Brevard area, but will also allow you to start to build the fundamental skills necessary to pursue climbing on your own.


The dates of the 2 day Intro to Climbing Spring Instructional Camp are

March 6th-7th and April 3rd-4th 2021

Guided rock climbing asheville






This course is designed to provide you with competence and confidence on ropes basic rock climbing skills. It covers all skills beginning climbers should learn including proper gear and how it should be rigged, belaying and rappelling techniques, knots, prussic knots, and climbing techniques.
The second day goes into natural and artificial anchor building for top rope set up. This program also allows for a sufficient amount of climbing time to gain additional climbing experience. Accommodations not provided

If two days of climbing is a little more than you can handle Pura Vida also offers 1/2 beginner rock climbing (Discover Climbing), an advanced 1/2 day climbing trip, a full day climbing program (Explore Climbing), and finally one day private instructional programs.

The discover climbing is focused on beginners and is recommended for families with children 12 and under or individuals who have a fear of heights.

The advanced 1/2 day and explore climbing full day are similar trips, but vary in length.  These trips are for novice climbers who have climbed indoors before, or also for beginners who are active people. This video provides a great example of what to expect from an advanced 1/2 day or explore full day climbing trip with Pura Vida.

Finally our adventure program provides opportunities for a full day of climbing and instruction with long range views, big heights, and small group sizes.

More Info available at https://pvadventures.com/climbing-guides-north-carolina/

or email contact@pvadventures.com or call 772-579-0005