Pura Vida Adventures has been providing outdoor rope rigging and white water (swift water)  assistance to film, commercial, television and photography teams for over 10 years in the Western North Carolina mountains.  In addition, Pura Vida Adventures has worked with film teams not only as rope specialists, but also as instructors to produce episodes of reality adventure television shows as well as internet commercials.

Some of the companies we have worked with in the realm of commercial filming and photography include Native Eyewear, Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine, Our State Magazine, film crews and production teams for Xtreme Waterparks on the Travel Channel and US Cellular “Middle of Anywhere” livestream broadcast and commercial.  Pura Vida Adventures’ owner Joe Moerschbaecher says, “It is a true enjoyment to work with a good filming, production, and/or photography team.  Pura Vida adds its talented team in outdoor adventure to a talented team in film or commercial production and you mix all these talents together and the result is a great final product.”  Pura Vida Adventures is excited to continue to work with film and commercial production teams and photographers.  Please contact us at contact@pvadventures.com or call 772-579-0005 if we can be of assistance to your team. Below is a list of a few productions we have been part of:

Native Eyewear Local’s only project

Travel Channel’s Xtreme Waterparks (reality television)

“Middle of Anywhere” US Cellular commercial and internet livestream