Pura Vida Adventures’ Joe Moerschbaecher, Andy Routzahn, and Ellen Cressley ended the 2015 year with a 21 day expedition paddling the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.

Canyon Guides

Colorado River running through the Grand Canyon


The Grand Canyon Expedition allowed members of Pura Vida’s team to join 13 other team members from across the US and as far away as New Zealand on what many call the “whitewater trip of a lifetime.”  The expedition provided the team with challenges and difficulties which are  faced  in an expedition of this length, but in the end lifelong friendships were strengthened and made.

The Grand Canyon provided incredible views, ancient history, giant white water, and a humbling experiences that had us waiting for the sun.


Life on the river is a simple life.  It can get difficult of course a raft could flip, a team member could fall ill, a kayaker may swim, misunderstandings may arise; but in the end river life is a simple life.  What the river tells us is simple “Take Care of one another, Pura Vida!”

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The adventure out west is not over see more photos of the Grand Canyon and our adventures in the desert southwest at: pvnc2az .