CenterFocus Experiences and Pure Vida Adventures are proud to present the Cross Country Canyoneering Camp! This Canyoneering Camp will take place in the Beautiful Sierra Ancha Range in Tonto National Forest and be held during the dates of 11/04/2015 – 11/08/2015.

Canyon View

Canyon Guides prepare for a big rappel


The cost for this trip will be $1200 per person.

What’s included in this trip?

  • Transportation from airport and back to airport at the end of the camp
  • Luxury rustic cabins w/showers and power
  • All meals, drinks, & snacks
  • Your technical canyoneering instructors
  • All technical gear ( ropes, harnesses, carabiners, rappel devices, etc)


The goal of the Cross Country Canyoneering camp is to assemble canyoneers of all ability levels from all over the country in order to collaborate, brainstorm, and teach new and innovative styles in which to descend technical canyons. With risk management always at the forefront of our priorities, our instructor’s aim is to facilitate anchor building and ascending/descending techniques conducive to mitigating risk in both the vertical and horizontal canyon environments. The purpose for this class being not only that the skills and techniques our participants take away will help them to assess and manage the risks associated with these backcountry environments, but also be passed on to our participant’s canyoneering partners around the country.

Our instructors have a combined 40 years of technical canyoneering experience and over 30 years of commercial guiding experience. Our instructors have made it so that their homes are hovering right around some of this country’s best slot canyons!

During this one week, all inclusive course, participants will learn various descending techniques using many different styles of equipment. Ground school will be provided before canyons. During these times our instructors can prepare the participants with what to expect for each day. We have four pristine canyons in which to teach, facilitate, and practice the many different systems we’ll be putting into use in our canyons. With our access to immaculate swift water canyons, you’ll learn and put into use the various techniques associated with swift water canyoneering as well! Our canyons provide us amply with teachable moments to teach both the basic and the advanced canyoneering skills needed to descend a canyon safely. On top of that, we’ll be able to role play and put into place the appropriate rescue techniques given the scenario.

Participants will also learn ways to ascend canyons when descending is no longer an option. As well as ascension techniques, our goal is to make sure our participants are competent in the rescue techniques necessary for when all does not go as planned. While it’s unfortunate, rescues are very prevalent in all technical environments. The team at CenterFocus and Pure Vida Adventures will make sure you have the skillsets to avoid getting stuck in a rescue scenario.

Canyoneering and waterfall rappelling guides

Certified and accredited

The Itinerary

Date/Time Activities Location/sCanyon/s Facilitated Skills
8:00 am   









-Transportation from Sky Harbor Intl. to Sierra Ancha.-Introductions


-Basic Skills Course




-Canyon Prep.

Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl. to Sierra Ancha  

Rocking X Ranch


Firstwater Canyon


Rocking X Ranch



-Basic rappelling skills-wet disconnects


-Class C rappel concerns


-Fundamental knots


-Basic ascension techniques

8:00AM 9:00AM





-Breakfast-Hog Canyon w/lunch




-Anchor Building Workshop


Rocking X Ranch Hog Canyon


Rocking X Ranch


-Introduction to blocks-Ascension practice


-Basic anchor building


-Introduction to releasable systems

8:00AM 9:00AM





-Breakfast-Parker Canyon w/lunch




-Rigging Workshop

Rocking X Ranch Parker Canyon


Rocking X Ranch

-Further rappelling practice-Application of basic anchors


-Application of various blocks


-Further instruction on releasable systems


8:00AM 9:30AM






-Breakfast-Salome Canyon (Class C) w/lunch


-Open Topics Workshop




Rocking X Ranch Salome “Jug”



Rocking X Ranch

-Application of all basic descending skills-Application of basic ascension skills


-Revisit any problems regarding skills learned

8:00AM 9:30AM



-Breakfast-Transportation to Sky Harbor Intl.   Sierra Ancha Ranch to Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl. -No new skills visited today


Spots are limited on this special program.

To reserve your spot

Please call us 772-579-0005 or email us at with further questions.  A 50% deposit ($600) is required to reserve your spot the remaining amount will be do before or on Sept.15th.