Rappellig Waterfalls

Waterfall rappelling in North Carolina, Paradise Canyon

The company that brought commercial canyoneering and waterfall rappelling to the eastern United States is unveiling a new canyon beginning on May 1st and we believe you are going to find it to be “PARADISE”. Below are details and photos of our newest canyoneering trip:

This is a full canyoneering experience.  Participants should be in good physical shape and consistently maintain a high level of fitness ie comfortable hiking on rocks at a leisurely pace, hiking up hills with rooty trails at a leisurely pace, capable of easily climbing leaning adjustable ladders and long stairs (5 flights) is a good indicator you are capable of doing this trip.   This trip is 5-7 hours of climbing, rappeling, bouldering, swimming and “full on adventure.” Paradise Canyon is given its namesake for a reason.  The trip begins with a steep descent along a trail into  the canyon which is littered with beautiful pot holes.  After receiving rappelling instruction and a technical review the fun really begins.  Participants will rappel 125 feet next to an incredible waterfall after completing the rappel the fun continues with a technical descent of the area we call “the throat”.  After getting through the throat participants have an eight foot jump into a pool of water followed by a 50 meter swim to Paradise beach.   At paradise beach participants will have lunch and have opportunities to swim and take photos before beginning the long steep trail climb out of the canyon and back to the vehicle.  Limit of ten participants unless you contact us with a larger group and special arrangements are made.  Canyoneering occurs in remote areas and climbing on small wet boulders is part of the experience.


Difficulty level:
moderate to difficult
Full day program (5 – 7 hours) trip length varies based on number of participants
$225 per person minnimum of 2ppl, maximum of 10ppl
Limit of 10 participants. Participation age is 15 and up.

See you all in Paradise!