Canyoneering Babe's Hole

Navigating Babe’s Hole canyon

Pura Vida Adventures is once again excited to be a sponsor for Brevard College’s Banff Mountain Film Festival showing on the evenings of March 14th and 15th.

In addition to being present at the Banff Mountain Film Festival, Pura Vida Adventures will also be hosting various courses and adventures during that weekend.  Here is a list of some the adventures we have on tap for the weekend of March 14th-16th.

Mountain Biking

Pura Vida Adventures is offering new bike tours in winter/spring 2014.
Bike in the Pisgah National Forest, the place Bike Magazine called, “AMERICA’S BEST KEPT SECRET.”
Riding also will include Dupont State Forest, filled with fast, flowy, hard pack trails this forest will get your adrenaline running. As you explore the forest singletrack as well as its monstrous waterfalls.
Finally, take some time to learn Brevard’s newest trail system Bracken Mountain, which will start and end in   downtown Brevard .
Trips includes transportation to trail heads, a professional guide, background information on the area, as well as details on the areas flora and fauna.  Also trips are adjusted to meet user’s ability levels.

Guided Rock Climbing and Rappelling

Rock Climbing

2 day rock climbing instruction program and single day courses                                                                                                                                                                                                                           March 15-16th and one day program on March 15th

This course is designed to provide you with competence and confidence on rope basics and rock climbing skills. It covers all skills beginning climbers shoul learn including proper gear and how it should be rigged, belaying and rappelling techniques, knots, prussic knots, and climbing techniques. The second day goes into natural and artificial anchor building for top rope set up. This program also allows for a sufficient amount of climbing time to gain additional climbing experience. Accomodations not provided.



March 15th Beginner Cougar Canyon Trip

Cougar Canyon

This is our full day beginner canyoneering experience. Participants should be in good physical shape and be comfortable hiking on rocks at a leisurely pace, hiking up hills with rooty trails at a leisurely pace, capable of easily climbing leaning adjustable ladders and long stairs (5 flights) is a good indicator you are capable of doing this trip. Participants of this program need no prior climbing or rappelling experience. This program includes a 75 ft waterfall rappel vigorous hiking and rock scrambling. Some of the travel takes place in the waterways negotiating boulders, while other parts of it take place on trails that parrallel the waterway. This trip also includes travel through water that is knee deep.

Check out the Banff promo video to getcha a little further excited.

For more info or to book one of these trips with Pura Vida Adventures call 772-579-0005 or call 772-579-0005