Brevard mountain biking takes center stage in Bike Magazine’s 2012 bike bible. Bike magazine travels to different destinations each year to test and review the year’s new bikes. This past fall the bike magazine team came to Brevard, NC to test the crop of bikes coming in 2012 and check out the trails of Dupont and Pisgah.

The story of their experience in Brevard and review of bikes is now on newstands. What bike magazine talks about regarding the town of Brevard and the bike scene here has been known to those of us who live and vacation here for years. We know we have great trails, we know we have a great town, we know we have the best kept secret when it comes to our trails in Dupont and Pisgah.

The secret is now out. Everyone now knows that when it comes to mountain biking in the eastern US Brevard is the place to come. This point was made clearly in the Bike Magazine article by professional mountain biker Adam Craig who said “I’m going to say Pisgah is definitely one of the top three places in the universe that I’ve ever ridden-and maybe the very best one.”

Once you have read the article and learn about the Pisgah Tavern at the Hub bicycle shop, and the local boy Wes Dickson and his team of mechanics and staff at Sycamore Cycles you will be ready to make plans to come here for your next biking vacation. You will be ready to ride the trails of Dupont which is our zoo for biking and survive the trails of Pisgah which is our mountain biking Serengeti.

Thanks Bike Magazine for visiting and welcome all those who now know America’s best kept secret in mountain biking. When you come to visit do not forget about us at Pura Vida Adventures Brevard’s only guided mountain biking service for the last 5 years. Sure you can find the trails on your own but you will maximize your experience if you hire one of our guides.